Africa is a thought, an emotion, almost a prayer: so are its infinite silences, its sunsets, that sky that seems much closer than ours because you can see it more. After all, its stars and moon are more apparent, sharper, cleaner, and shine more.

There is an African proverb that says:

"Every morning in Africa, as the sun rises, a gazelle wakes up and knows that she must outrun the lion or be killed.

As the sun rises in Africa, a lion wakes up and knows he will have to outrun the gazelle or starve.

Every morning in Africa, as the sun rises, it doesn't matter whether you are a lion or a gazelle; the important thing is that you start running. "

Do you know why I like this proverb?

Because between the lines denotes a sense of similarity, of equality even in the face of diversity.

No matter your shape or color, you must run like everyone else.

Africa is a world apart, a continent surrounded by the sea that contains an exciting range of colors, a bouquet of unforgettable scents but above all, unique views of the world.

While the sky is tinged with a thousand shades and animal life frantically runs under him to survive, his peoples take everything very "pole," which means "calmly," but always with a massive smile on their faces.

Between songs and dresses made of rainbow blankets, Africa always welcomes you, and that is why you feel at home in that world.

When you return with a boulder on your stomach, you will remember how deep even a simple word like "Jambo" is, how much the scent of clean air is worth, and how exciting the simplicity of small things is, but above all, you will have learned what it means FREEDOM.

The African sickness exists; if you've been there too, you know what I mean.

Now I present my collection, inspired by my trip to Kenya.


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