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Formentera is light, a dream that comes true, Formentera is streets that never end, people you don't know, but you feel obliged to say hello, as if you were all part of a beautiful dream, Formentera is the smell of pine, the sun that you surprises and clouds that apologize to you.

Formentera, even before being an island, is a line formed by three colors: the blue of the sky, the emerald green of the water, and the white of the beach.

Formentera is a rented scooter, a swim without a costume, and after this, a thousand more baths; it's an aperitif at sunset, a sunset that never lasts long enough.

Formentera is the mother of all children of flowers, of free souls, and of those who seek happiness in simplicity.

She is the mother of those who wants to make friends, of those who appreciate the Moon and the salt on the skin without ever stopping dancing.

This collection is born from a bonfire of colors, from the sunset, from the sea, from the dawn, and the aperitifs of young free souls.

Because in the end, we are all a bit hippie.

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