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It's been 365 days since you were born, 1 year, which said it seems longer, but in reality, it has flown.

You were born from my awareness of what freedom, happiness, hope, passion, rebellion, dreams, independence, and fun means.

You were born with the excuse of being a game when in reality, I knew inside that you would not be.

You are part of me as if you were a daughter who grows daily with what I feed her.

You were born abstract and became concrete, thanks to audacity, perseverance, and commitment.

You grew up and made space among the people who believed in you, in us.

And today you are exactly one year old.

A year lived with the heart.

Happy anniversary Atlantica.

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Atlantica per Viel

"La cosa bella del lavoro di squadra è che hai sempre qualcuno dalla tua parte"

Questa collana nasce per supportare Viel, dopo un momento di forte crisi e per ricordare a tutte noi che "the best way to set something done is to begin".

Abbiamo creato una collana in argento 925 in due varianti: una silver, che rappresenta me, ed una gold (bagnata in oro 18k), che rappresenta Veronica.

Speriamo che possa essere un amuleto per tutte noi.
Che possa essere d'ispirazione.
Per non mollare, per iniziare, per credere nei nostri sogni, in noi stesse.

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Le pietre e i cristalli hanno una particolare  energia vitale che viene trasmessa e rilasciata a chi li tocca o li indossa. 

Anche il nostro corpo e tutto l’Universo sono energia, infatti, attorno a noi si estende un'ombra sottile di questa impercettibile forza, ed è ormai risaputo che ogni disturbo che avvertiamo, prima di manifestarsi a livello fisico esiste sulla nostra aura.

La Cristalloterapia è una metodo terapeutico perfettamente energetico, con il quale pietre dure e cristalli influenzano l’aura rimuovendo blocchi energetici che potrebbero scendere a livello fisico e creare disturbi più o meno gravi.

E' un mondo che da sempre mi ha affascinato e da amante delle pietre e dei cristalli non ho potuto non introdurre una collezione che li riguardasse.

Scopri il cristallo più adatto alle tue esigenze e non separartene mai più. 

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Chiudi gli occhi.
Prova a sentire l’odore di mirra e dell’incenso nell’aria, immaginati di camminare scalza tra le colonne faraoniche di Ramses III e prova a toccare le pareti del tempio di Luxor percependo la forma dei geroglifici incisi sopra.

Torna indietro nel tempo ed immagina come saresti stata, vestita con una tunica bianca, dei sandali di corda ai piedi ed i capelli intrecciati o raccolti che incorniciano i tuoi occhi allungati da un kohl nero e la tua bocca, colorata con una miscela ricavata dalla lacca di Robbia.
Lo so che ci riesci perfettamente ad immaginarti nelle vesti di Cleopatra... e sicuramente questo pensiero ti fa sentire bellissima.
Penso che questa associazione di bellezza sia comune a tutte noi, se ci immaginiamo come delle regine egizie.
Eleganti, sensuali, potenti, rispettabili.
Da un senso di onnipotenza incredibile, non trovi?
Beh allora, con un pizzico di dispiacere (lo so) ora ritorna al tempo presente, dove tutto questo ormai è solo un ricordo di una storia bellissima.
Ma apprezza comunque di avere la possibilità di poterci tornare con l’immaginazione ogni volta tu lo desideri.
Ti servirà l’immaginazione e basta, perché al resto ci ho pensato io.
Ti presento la Limite Edition Egitto.

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There are hidden places, far from civilization, where fairies live.

Places hidden from us humans are places full of magic.

Woods, caves, ravines, distant hills, and deserted beaches.

According to an ancient legend, fairies have existed since ancient times; they were born immediately after the universe created light and darkness.

They were born to pull the strings of the destiny of our world.

Fairies are a pure force of nature; thanks to their magic, they keep everything in balance.

This new Capsule Collection wants to take you to a magical place and make your travel into the past and the fairy maze, creating magic that mixes with your creativity and uniqueness.

I wish you could wear these rings to feel like a fairy, a brave woman who can pull the strings of her life thanks to her magic.

There are WATER fairies who cannot live far from this element, bringing joy to the world by dancing above the rivers.

The FIRE fairies are moody and stubborn; they live in flames and lightning bolts.

There are AIR fairies; they love to fly, taking the appearance of birds or butterflies, bringing inspiration to men.

The EARTH's fairies are strong and courageous; they live in caves underground and create precious metals.

With this collection of modular rings, I wish you could feel the energy to face the world come out of your hands, like fairies who make spells just like that.

Each ring bears the name of a genuinely existing fairy, and I intend that you can reflect on some of them.

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Formentera is light, a dream that comes true, Formentera is streets that never end, people you don't know, but you feel obliged to say hello, as if you were all part of a beautiful dream, Formentera is the smell of pine, the sun that you surprises and clouds that apologize to you.

Formentera, even before being an island, is a line formed by three colors: the blue of the sky, the emerald green of the water, and the white of the beach.

Formentera is a rented scooter, a swim without a costume, and after this, a thousand more baths; it's an aperitif at sunset, a sunset that never lasts long enough.

Formentera is the mother of all children of flowers, of free souls, and of those who seek happiness in simplicity.

She is the mother of those who wants to make friends, of those who appreciate the Moon and the salt on the skin without ever stopping dancing.

This collection is born from a bonfire of colors, from the sunset, from the sea, from the dawn, and the aperitifs of young free souls.

Because in the end, we are all a bit hippie.

Discover the Limited Edition

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Flower power!

Power to the flowers!

Hippies said.

In such a simple sentence, I have seen all of Ibiza.

Ibiza is not just nightlife, recklessness, and unbridled luxury.

Ibiza was also the cradle of the hippie community, those who were called "flower children."

I wanted to recreate a collection inspired by some natural elements of the island but above all by the sensations that this gave me when I was there.

A magical place where nature and craftsmanship have created the foundations of what has now become a tourist destination for the whole world.

I wanted to give the personalization that I thought most appropriate by creating sets with shapes and stones that could remind me of the places I have seen and the scents I have smelled.

Ibiza is not just fun; it's nature, sunsets, history, and magic.

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Narrating Jordan and summarizing a land of such nuances in a few lines is impossible; the natural corridor between the Mediterranean and Mesopotamia sees the birth of different civilizations in its flourishing land, each leaving marvelous traces; perhaps in no other country, the testimonies of its history coexist so admirably.

Petra, one of the 7 wonders of the world, combines the masterful work of a man with the powerful and imperious one of nature. Place of indisputable charm, famous for its spectacular tombs carved into the pink sandstone, which can be accessed from a suggestive canyon.

But perhaps the most evocative spectacle Jordan offers is with arid but intense landscapes in the Wadi Rum desert. In this magical place, purple mountains, deep canyons, granite rocks, and sandy ocher expanses merge and vary according to the sunlight giving life with enchanting shades and offering a scenario of unparalleled beauty.

The surprises do not end because there is also the Dead Sea which, being 390 meters below sea level, is the lowest point on earth. Trying to swim in these very salty waters, with shades of "petrol," as I call them, is undoubtedly a unique experience in the world since the density of the water keeps you afloat as if you were flying.

An incredible journey left me with a memorable memory of wild and beautiful land, which I want to share through this splendid oriental-style collection but signed in Atlantic style.

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Africa is a thought, an emotion, almost a prayer: so are its infinite silences, its sunsets, that sky that seems much closer than ours because you can see it more. After all, its stars and moon are more apparent, sharper, cleaner, and shine more.

There is an African proverb that says:

"Every morning in Africa, as the sun rises, a gazelle wakes up and knows that she must outrun the lion or be killed.

As the sun rises in Africa, a lion wakes up and knows he will have to outrun the gazelle or starve.

Every morning in Africa, as the sun rises, it doesn't matter whether you are a lion or a gazelle; the important thing is that you start running. "

Do you know why I like this proverb?

Because between the lines denotes a sense of similarity, of equality even in the face of diversity.

No matter your shape or color, you must run like everyone else.

Africa is a world apart, a continent surrounded by the sea that contains an exciting range of colors, a bouquet of unforgettable scents but above all, unique views of the world.

While the sky is tinged with a thousand shades and animal life frantically runs under him to survive, his peoples take everything very "pole," which means "calmly," but always with a massive smile on their faces.

Between songs and dresses made of rainbow blankets, Africa always welcomes you, and that is why you feel at home in that world.

When you return with a boulder on your stomach, you will remember how deep even a simple word like "Jambo" is, how much the scent of clean air is worth, and how exciting the simplicity of small things is, but above all, you will have learned what it means FREEDOM.

The African sickness exists; if you've been there too, you know what I mean.

Now I present my collection, inspired by my trip to Kenya.

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Il mio primo vero viaggio da sola.

Completamente da sola.

Sono venuta qui per ricaricare l’anima provando esperienze uniche al mondo.

Sono venuta per uscire dalla zona di comfort, per allargare la mia visione e provare di respirare sott'acqua.

Welcome to Maldives.

Welcome to paradise.

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Marrakech è la grande città, il caos, la polvere, i tubi di scarico delle macchine, il rumore dei clacson, le strade sovraffollate.

Ma poi, una volta dentro la Medina, il rumore diventa musica, vociare concitato dei commercianti, il richiamo alla preghiera del Muezzin.

Gli odori di cibo provengono da banchetti sparsi un po’ ovunque nel souk, dove si può trovare letteralmente qualunque cosa.

Marrakech ipnotizza, strega, affascina. Ci sono edifici che sono capolavori, rifiniti e curati nei minimi dettagli; luoghi nascosti che sono piccole oasi di pace nel caos, i Riad; colori accesi e vivaci che non ci si può immaginare neanche nelle migliori delle favole.

Marrakech è contraddizione, silenzio all’interno del caos, ospitalità nascosta tra sguardi curiosi e un po’ invadenti, genuinità e bontà di un cibo comprato tra la polvere.

Questa collezione non avrà come protagonista solo i colori e le forme di questa città, arriverà a toccare anche le dune del deserto del Sahara arricchendosi con design berberi e pietre nuove fatte anche di polvere di stelle.

Scopri la Marrakech collection e i suoi 21 gioielli fatti a mano in Argento 925.

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The 925 silver jewelry of the Mexico Limited Edition is inspired by nature and the pristine areas of the Yucatan peninsula.

Mexico is not the only resort, clubs, and excesses .. but it is also nature and peace.

The Estrella set, consisting of a necklace and ring, portrays realistic starfish in 925 silver. It recalls the splendid Playa Cielo on the island of Cozumel, studded with starfish: a veil of heaven on earth.

The Estrellita set, consisting of earrings and necklace, consistently portrays tiny starfish in 925 silver but stylized and set in blue resin, their natural habitat: the sea.

With the Cozumel set, on the other hand, I wanted to give importance to a local company: the Cozumel pearl farm. Let's talk about earrings, necklaces, and rings in 925 silver with gold-plated shells and beautiful baroque pearls.

And how could a set dedicated to shells and the mother of pearl be missing? The Palancar set is a true hymn to white beaches and thousands of bodies scattered in the wildest areas of Mexico: rigid bracelet, ring, necklace with pendant in 925 silver, and mother-of-pearl detail with silver shell set in the center.

With the Calavera pendants instead, dedicated to Frida Kahlo and her great love Diego Rivera, I wanted to pay homage both to the tradition of dia de Los Muertos, the iconic super-colored Mexican skull (called Calavera) but also to 2 great Mexican artists who they colored their life with love, art, and passion.

To conclude this collection, I wanted to dedicate myself to 2 of my favorite animals: sea turtles and dolphins.

The Delfìn set is dedicated to the Sian Ka'an nature reserve, a world heritage site from which I took inspiration for this set: an uncontaminated place between land and the Caribbean ocean where dolphins swim and jump, happy and undisturbed.

And finally, the first Atlantica anklet: Tortuga. Entirely in 925 silver with tiny turtles, just like those that run on the beaches of Akumal, towards the sea, and then return, one day, to lay their eggs, right on the beach where they were born.

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9 Greek muses inspire this collection.

Each muse embodies art and protects it.

Each muse has her character of her and wears it with pride.

I imagined how any muse could travel to the present day because the trip to the Atlantic can never be missed.

My wish is that you hold this ring that identifies you on your fingers, as does the muse with her symbol.

I would like you to protect, like a muse, your art, your way of being.

I desire to make you feel like one of them, to remind you daily that you are unique, like a Greek muse.

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