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Narrating Jordan and summarizing a land of such nuances in a few lines is impossible; the natural corridor between the Mediterranean and Mesopotamia sees the birth of different civilizations in its flourishing land, each leaving marvelous traces; perhaps in no other country, the testimonies of its history coexist so admirably.

Petra, one of the 7 wonders of the world, combines the masterful work of a man with the powerful and imperious one of nature. Place of indisputable charm, famous for its spectacular tombs carved into the pink sandstone, which can be accessed from a suggestive canyon.

But perhaps the most evocative spectacle Jordan offers is with arid but intense landscapes in the Wadi Rum desert. In this magical place, purple mountains, deep canyons, granite rocks, and sandy ocher expanses merge and vary according to the sunlight giving life with enchanting shades and offering a scenario of unparalleled beauty.

The surprises do not end because there is also the Dead Sea which, being 390 meters below sea level, is the lowest point on earth. Trying to swim in these very salty waters, with shades of "petrol," as I call them, is undoubtedly a unique experience in the world since the density of the water keeps you afloat as if you were flying.

An incredible journey left me with a memorable memory of wild and beautiful land, which I want to share through this splendid oriental-style collection but signed in Atlantic style.

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