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The astrological signs, as we know them today, were codified by the Babylonians around the fourth century BC. Still, as early as 3000 BC. in Mesopotamia, predictions were made based on the position of the Sun, the Moon, and the five planets closest to the Earth.

The Babylonians divided the sky that surrounded the observer (the zodiac) into twelve sections, each of which had a constellation.

Each month the Sun, in its apparent motion around the Earth, passes through a different one.

The zodiac signs were named after these constellations.

Although some admit it and lie, at least once, all of us have found confirmation of events or traits of our personality in a horoscope description.

We are attracted, perhaps, to a representation of our sign because this symbolizes what we are looking for and what we are oriented towards.

Thus was born the Capsule Zodiac, which represents the meanders of our soul in a zodiacal mixture wrapped in the magic of the zodiac.

A small medal in pure 925 sterling silver plated with 18K gold, in whose pendant is set a natural mother-of-pearl base covered with personalized decorations and enriched with tiny white zircons.

And what section of the zodiac do you belong to?

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