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Dubai was born practically in the 70s; it is a young city.

You have surely heard of black gold and the vital role it played in creating the foundations of this lush emirate.

Well, oil is not the only source of luxury that this city can boast of.

If among the historical names of Dubai there is that of "golden city," there is a reason.

Thanks to its lively and thriving trade exchanges with India and Iran, one of the main factors that have determined the success of the Dubai we know today is its gold market.

The Souk Al Dahab, the gold market, was founded in 1940 on the banks of Dubai Creek to facilitate trade between traders.

I'm talking about a place close but far enough away from the mammoth and egocentric Dubai knew, a heart rich in culture and tradition, the medina from which it all began.

Here stone, plaster, coral, and wood take the place of glass and steel that dominate the futuristic city skyscrapers. Low ocher-colored buildings, silent and shady courtyards, markets of spices, silk, cafes, and artisans of precious jewelry carry on their story.

This is how I wanted to represent my idea of ​​the encounter between past and future, where the art of luxury is not defined only by very tall buildings but above all by the history of the people who created the foundations to be able to build them.

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