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There are hidden places, far from civilization, where fairies live.

Places hidden from us humans are places full of magic.

Woods, caves, ravines, distant hills, and deserted beaches.

According to an ancient legend, fairies have existed since ancient times; they were born immediately after the universe created light and darkness.

They were born to pull the strings of the destiny of our world.

Fairies are a pure force of nature; thanks to their magic, they keep everything in balance.

This new Capsule Collection wants to take you to a magical place and make your travel into the past and the fairy maze, creating magic that mixes with your creativity and uniqueness.

I wish you could wear these rings to feel like a fairy, a brave woman who can pull the strings of her life thanks to her magic.

There are WATER fairies who cannot live far from this element, bringing joy to the world by dancing above the rivers.

The FIRE fairies are moody and stubborn; they live in flames and lightning bolts.

There are AIR fairies; they love to fly, taking the appearance of birds or butterflies, bringing inspiration to men.

The EARTH's fairies are strong and courageous; they live in caves underground and create precious metals.

With this collection of modular rings, I wish you could feel the energy to face the world come out of your hands, like fairies who make spells just like that.

Each ring bears the name of a genuinely existing fairy, and I intend that you can reflect on some of them.

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