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A sweet and ferocious world, a wave of scents and tides, deserted bays and forests of limestone pinnacles or baobabs. It is the refuge of the pirates of civilization, who are looking away from the poisons of modern life for a place to restore the soul.

Madagascar is truly a world apart, with genuinely original history and culture but its roots in a remote and mysterious past. All this makes this island a fascinating, splendid, adventurous land.

Plateaus, mountains, deserts, rainforests, canyons, caves, and natural pools. And Mont Pessot, the sacred mountain that dominates like a throne of the gods, the bays around Nosy Be, the island of magical beauty where legends and beliefs teach that those who rule the world's destinies live on this magical and enchanted, barren hill. And fierce.

Wonders of nature and human beauty. Madagascar also boasts charming, tall, and slender women.

Time weighs them down due to the years that pass, the cassava they eat, and the pregnancies they collect. Still, they remain of dazzling chromatic beauty, wrapped in the gaudy sarongs of Africa, fabrics that seem to scream the colors, shout the green, red and yellow that surround those black and brilliant leathers like ebony.

The beauty of this land is unique and priceless, and like much of African lands, it can only bring with it, in addition to beautiful memories, scents, and colors, the African sickness.

You miss her when you walk away from her and need to go back.

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